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The Roosevelt Academy is where change happens! We provide an innovative learning environment for K-12th grade students who have learning differences that impact academic, social, and critical thinking skills. Our students often experience challenges in traditional school environments.

Every student feels safe, connected, understood and supported

We prefer to describe students by the kinds of classroom difficulties they display:

  • Adolescents who need a direct, systematic instructional program that makes very evident and unambiguous the logic – the rules- on which reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic are based

  • Adolescents who need a program that presents new information in a way that makes apparent the connections between what is being taught today and what was successfully learned in the past

  • Adolescents who have a difficult time understanding the social rules for making and keeping friends

  • Adolescents who tend to be disorganized, who often produce messy looking papers, who don’t seem to be able to follow directions and complete tasks that involve more than one step

  • Adolescents who – despite at least average ability to learn general information from their experiences – perform in the classroom like they are one or two years behind their peers

  • Adolescents who need a multi-sensory approach to learning


Roosevelt Academy is a place where students are met at their current academic level and are given license to advance at their own maximum pace. We listen and respond to our students’ needs, refining programs to fully support our families and their goals. It is important to understand our philosophy when it comes to teaching and changing the everyday lives of our students:

  • We provide a safe environment to develop as an adolescent.

  • We encourage adolescents to reach their academic potential, whatever it might be.

  • We focus on the mastery of basic skills.

  • We utilize technology to facilitate and expand learning opportunities.

  • We implement the latest proven brain-based learning research to customize curricula to meet student needs.

  • We prepare capable adolescents for a college experience.

  • We develop communication skills that prepare adolescents for success.

  • We instill community involvement as a life goal and means of personal growth.

  • We foster social understanding and one’s own place in the local and global community.



Roosevelt Academy does not discriminate against students based upon race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, disability, or age.

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