The Roosevelt Academy is a private school in Leander, Texas serving 6th-12th grade students through innovative approaches to learning, physical fitness, and social awareness. We are committed to a collaborative engagement with families to fully support the academic, social, and emotional growth of their adolescents as they prepare for life as young adults. Roosevelt Academy will create a community of support for students with learning differences. We aim to support families eager to find a safe, structured learning environment for their child, an environment rich with opportunities for their child to gain new levels of competence, confidence, and personal significance. The reality is, without a community of support, most young adults with learning and social differences do not have a successful transition into adulthood. We are motivated by this reality because we believe we can change it.


At Roosevelt Academy, students follow a typical High School Graduation Plan. Our students take courses as they prepare for college and the workforce upon graduation. Our main focus is on traditional academic courses and meeting the expectations of graduation requirements. Additionally, Roosevelt Academy focuses on building relationships, supporting internship and job skills, and improving self-regulation skills through Fitness. All students take the following list of course: English - 4 credits, Science - 4 credits, Math - 4 credits, History - 3 credits

Social/Emotional Program

Roosevelt Academy's solution-focused program is specifically designed to help students in a school setting. The counselor links the benefits of the group setting with solution-focused approaches to help students identify their strengths and abilities to solve their concerns. The Roosevelt Academy counseling program is set up to complement outside therapy and recommendations of independent counselors. We coach the students in their classroom setting, in small groups and at times during individual sessions. Our goal is to give the students the tools necessary to demonstrate academic and social confidence.

Employment Skills

Research reports that young adults with learning and social issues find it difficult to make three significant changes in transition without immersive support. The opportunities associated with seeking independent residence, gaining employment, and attending post-secondary education, are typically experienced as daunting and a basis for failure to make a successful transition to early adult life. This is why an alarming number of high school graduates with social and learning difference "fail to launch".  Roosevelt Academy Juniors and Seniors are exposed to numerous training opportunities including intern positions in IT, retail stores,  local schools, healthcare facilities, fitness centers, and elder care services. This process also allows students to develop work-related social skills through interactions with coworkers, customers, and managers. Roosevelt Academy prepares students for success after graduation with continued education, employment integration into the community and ultimately a career.  We provide 24 weeks of internship placement for our seniors with coaching and guidance support to ensure understanding and enhance success.



Roosevelt Academy starts the day with 40 minutes of aerobic & strength building exercise to increase alertness. If they have difficulty regulating themselves in class, they aren't given a time-out but time-on: 10 minutes of activity on a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer. Roosevelt Academy students learn to regulate their own mood, attention, and focus through exercise. This habit is life changing!


Roosevelt Academy facilitates the transition to adulthood through a comprehensive, skill-based program. Transition planning and programming begin upon entry to The Roosevelt Academy and become part of each student’s educational pathway. Roosevelt Academy leverages individual interests and strengths in a supportive environment, motivating students toward a future of personal significance in college, career, and community. Beginning with the end in mind, our multifaceted program supports students and families as they develop an individualized plan and a trajectory toward adult independence. 

Our Transition Program includes:


- Parent cohort meetings (6th – 12th grade)
- social and life skills progress
- resource sharing and support
- Parent Education Program
- transition topics

Individualized Student Services

- Individual transition conferences (9th – 12th grade)
- Job Search support (11th & 12th grade)
- Coaching (11th & 12th grade)
- Employment (11th & 12th grade) integrated employer feedback and evaluation
- Job Shadowing (12th grade) awareness of post-graduation career options



- Summer Internship (10th & 11th grade)
- College Visits – (11th & 12th grade) vocational, 2 and 4-year colleges
- Annual Transition Fair

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