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Welcome to Roosevelt Academy 

At Roosevelt Academy, our heart is set on nurturing K-12 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and helping them flourish both academically and in life's journey beyond the classroom. We dedicate ourselves to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each student, crafting personalized education plans that ignite their potential. 



Explore our elementary programs tailored for students from kindergarten through 6th grade at Roosevelt Academy. 


Our programs are designed for children with autism and various exceptionalities, providing a supportive environment that goes beyond acceptance. We focus on nurturing the continuous development of both social and academic skills.


Unlock the potential of your middle and high school students (grades 7-12) with our dynamic secondary programs at Roosevelt Academy.


Our commitment lies in motivating our students to achieve their utmost capabilities, ensuring they excel inside the classroom and contribute positively to the community.

Our unique approach groups students based on their abilities rather than their age, catering to a wide spectrum from low-functioning to high-functioning. In our supportive and collaborative environment, every student is positioned for success, enjoying access to a variety of clubs, activities, and electives that match their interests. This is the place where your child will truly belong, gain confidence, and forge lasting friendships.


  • Children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • Learners who find traditional school settings challenging.

  • Individuals with learning difficulties, regardless of an ASD diagnosis.

  • Students managing ADD or ADHD.

  • Young people navigating speech or language impairments.

  • Those whose main support needs are academic, rather than emotional or behavioral, and who thrive without a 1:1 aide.

  • Pupils who are free from aggressive behaviors or emotional disturbances.

  • Young individuals aged 5 to 24 years old.


  • K-12 programs 100% customized to meet your student’s specific needs.

  • Students discover interests through clubs, activities, and electives to choose from.

  • Students are grouped by ability.

  • In our embrace, each student finds a place where they can be understood, supported, and guided towards a bright future tailored just for them.



At The Roosevelt Academy we believe that learning involves more than what goes on in the classroom. That is why we include much more for our students.

Who: Our Beyond Barriers Transition Program offers a heartfelt journey for individuals up to 24 years old with autism and other exceptionalities. It's a carefully crafted path aimed at unlocking the heart and spirit of each student, guiding them to uncover their deepest passions and interests.


Goal: This journey prepares them for a fulfilling life beyond high school. With a hands-on methodology, we immerse our students in real-world professional environments, enabling them to explore various careers firsthand. This practical experience not only helps them gain valuable skills but also aids in carving out a clear and meaningful direction for their future.

Your student deserves to be seen for their abilities, rather than defined by their diagnosis.

Here at The Roosevelt Academy, students love coming to school. Why? Because here, they aren't defined by their diagnosis. They shine when they identify their abilities, are accepted for their differences, make friends, and discover new skills. They are given the tools and the responsibility they need to be challenged and inspired to excel in school and beyond.

See past the label, and focus on the able.

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